Name Badge Accessories
When you need a name badge to do a little bit more, add one of these accessories to complete your badge. Employee recognition, language identifiers, or promotional messages are easy to add. We can customize a program to meet your specific needs.
Lanyard and Badge Reels
We carry both stock and customized lanyards. Screen printing lanyards in one to three colors is best suited for text and bold graphics. Screen printed lanyards have the ink applied on top of the fabric and provide for high detail and lasting lanyards.

We carry a variety of stock lanyards. If you are looking for a simple color lanyard with a clip attachment we have it. We also carry standard pre-printed lanyards with titles like staff, visitor and contractor. Also available are awareness lanyards for topics like cancer, heart and autism awareness events, just to name a few.

Choose from a variety of colors, styles and shapes. A retractable badge reel makes it easy to access your badges and prevents your employees from losing them. Most include a clear or colored vinyl strap for attaching a slotted ID or proximity card, while others offer a swivel hook or card clamp attachment. Customize with your logo or choose a stock color.

We also carry an assortment of standard pre-printed badge reels with titles like staff, visitor and contractor. Also available are awareness reels for events like cancer, heart and autism awareness, just to name a few.

To learn more about our line of lanyards and badge reels visit our sister company Cawley Digital ID or call 1-866-254-7840 for more information.
Our domes are like no other. They are made from polyurethane, which makes them scratch resistant and dent resistant. Super clear adhesive locks in the graphics and text beneath. They are easy to attach and lock out moisture. Use these quality domes with the Cawley's Direct Print or Inkjet Systems to achieve a unique look.

These ultra-clear domes are made of automotive grade polyurethane, which makes them scratch and dent resistant. Super clear adhesive enhances the graphics and text beneath, while locking out moisture. Use these quality domes with the Direct Print System, Inkjet/Laser System, and Laser Cling Print System name badges. Domes are available for all our standard sized name badges.
Badge Fasteners
Magnetic fasteners, plastic pins, crimp pins, encapsulated pins, bulldog clips, swivel bulldog clips, military clutch, metal and plastic pocket tucks and lanyards. Badges come standard with pin backing, you can upgrade to other fasteners too. You can also use a combination of both pin and magnet if you would like. Add a plastic strap to your badge and attach a photo id. You can also create a custom lanyard or custom badge reel to promote a special event. Visit our sister site, Cawley Digital ID for an assortment of options!
Badge Add Ons
Award adapters make adding recognition pieces a breeze. Simply attach a plastic or metal adapter with our high strength adhesive to the back of your badge and adhere an award medallion, years of service, level of achievement, or employee of the month recognition. Your co-workers will appreciate your acknowledgement of a job well done.

Create excitement for a new product, reward a deserving employee, or recognize a job well done. There are so many uses for our Badge Add Ons. Simply attach the plastic or metal add on to your name badge and adhere an award medallion, years of service pin, employee of the month recognition, or new product message. The recognition pieces can be adhesive, clutch back, or magnetic. Let us create a fun and exciting program for you today!
Display your employee’s country or origin or indicate the languages that they speak. This is a great way to forge a connection between your staff and customers. Generate conversation or help a customer identify an employee that may speak their language. This is an especially great tool for companies and businesses that frequently have international travelers and employees.

Lapel Jewelry Flags: These flags are a lapel pin. They can be added to the badge with adhesive, on a badge adaptor, or can be worn on the lapel. See our lapel pins for more details.

Adhesive Flags: These are small digitally printed flags that are adhered right to your name badge.

Domed Flags: These small resin domed and digitally printed flags adhere right to your name badge or badge adaptor.

Direct Print Flags: This technique allows you to add the flags directly to the name badge in conjunction with the Direct Print System.
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